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How To Spot Fake Electronic Cigarettes

Fake e Cigarettes Are Cheaply Made
The problem with a fake ecig is that they are poorly made, use cheap and unreliable parts and don’t follow any quality control or safety guidelines. The whole purpose of a fake ecigarette is to simply make money out of consumers under the guise of being really cheap. 

Rogue manufacturers and traders take advantage of any market that generates high income and the electronic cigarette market is no different. These manufacturers and traders seek to generate money through developing low quality products and under cutting the current genuine products on the market. To do this they only use the bare essentials to generate a product that imitates, on the surface, the original one so they can secure a quick sale. They have no regard for after sales service, guarantees or safe usage of their products. 

10 Ways To Spot A Fake Electronic Cigarette 6-10

6. It Does Not Work
Glaringly obvious but true, a lot of fake and imitation electronic cigarettes do not actually work properly. The atomizers fail to convert the e liquid properly into vapour and only mimic a genuine atomizer by producing frustratingly small amounts of vapour. The batteries often tend to loose charge all by themselves until they simply don’t work all in a very short period of time. Cartridges leak due to poorly made seals and the overall working of the ecigarette is poor. All these are signs of imitation electronic cigs because the parts used to make them are so low in quality that as a whole they don’t actually work together. 

7. Not A Genuine Business
A great way to judge, pre-sale, if you are about to buy a fake ecigarette is based upon the legitimateness of the actual ecigarette trader. Is the ecig trader a genuine business with proper contact details and business phone numbers, (not mobile phone numbers). Is there an actual shop related to the business, that you can walk into and get face to face help? If bought from an online website do the ‘Terms and Conditions’ clearly display the business address and business ownership details or does it look like all means of actual contacting the seller by phone or face to face are hidden? A lot of rogue traders use market stalls and car boots to sell their ecigarettes offering little in the way of business credentials apart from some home made signage. Beware electronic cigarette vendors that hide contact details, are not legitimate businesses and offer little in the way of business credentials - as they could be fake ecig sellers. 

8. No Genuine Warranty Or Guarantee
Most reputable ecig traders and manufacturers will provide at least a 14-30 day guarantee / warranty on their electronic cigarette starter kits, this is to verify that the products are reliable and genuine and also offer an accountability if they are not. So a good way to spot if you are about to buy a fake electronic cigarette is the lack of any real warranty or guarantee offered by the trader. Most fake ecigarettes cannot be sold with a decent warranty as they tend to break down quickly. 

9. Bad Gut Feeling
Another obvious sign that something is amiss is if you get a queasy unsure feeling in your gut when you are buying the ecig. Don’t ignore this; nature gave you common sense for a reason. Walk away from the sale and have a think about what makes you uneasy. 

10. Nil By Mouth
A great test of worthiness and quality is word of mouth, have you been recommended to this particular seller? Have you read reviews about this seller and their electronic cigarettes? How are people talking or not talking about the ecig trader? Generally rogue traders don’t tend to receive glowing positive reviews from anybody, so if you have not got a word of mouth referral or you are not able to find any reviews then this could be a sign of a rogue ecig trader. (Please note some new businesses might not have had the time to generate reviews or word of mouth so use your gut feeling). 

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