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How To Spot Fake Electronic Cigarettes

Imitation eCigarettes Are Dangerous
With the recent media coverage of the danger of using an imitation, fake or cheap copy electronic cigarette UK eCigarettes has come up with the top 10 obvious ways to spot a fake ecig. Cheap copies of original ecigs are easy to spot and most can be bought online or via market stalls, they are usually copied well, and to the untrained eye, will at first pass for a genuine safely made electronic nicotine delivery cigarette.

Consequences of Buying An Imitation eCigarette
The consequences of buying one of these cheap imitation electronic cigarette devices is that you are at risk of being harmed through faulty and poorly made batteries (e cigarette batteries can deliver a lot of charge) which can blow up, cause burns through overheating or set alight at night whilst on charge. Atomizers may burn out after only a few days and e liquid leakage occurs from cartridges that don’t fit right because they are missing important seals. 

Fake ecigarettes cause damage to an individual's health, to the electronic cigarette market and put a financial burden on the consumers that buy them. When these fake ecigs breakdown the consumer is left either having to smoke again or spending more money on further ecig tarter kits or parts.

10 Ways To Spot A Fake Electronic Cigarette

1. Cheap To Buy
The first alarm you should be aware of is the price, if its too good to be true it usually is. Most e cigarette starter kits start from around the £30’s mark rising up to around £60’s. A normal electronic cigarette trader will buy from a reputable manufacturer and as such the price he will pay wholesale can be from $20 to $30’s per individual product unit (this may fluctuate depending on quantities ordered). After this the ecigarette trader will have to incur shipping costs, business costs (insurance, rent, petrol, warranties etc) and then on top of this he will want to make a small amount of profit to make it worth his while.

A rogue trader selling fake electronic cigarettes will be able to purchase his products at a far cheaper cost as the manufacturer will usually be building the fake ecigs from the lowest quality materials and does not have to follow any health, safety and quality guidelines. 

So if you come across an electronic cigarette for sale that’s dirt cheap and a wonderful bargain it could possibly be only an imitation of the real thing. 

2. Poor Packaging
A second alarm bell should go off if the packaging supplied with your electronic cigarette is shabby and poorly put together. If its home made avoid it like the plague! Most reputable electronic cigarette manufacturers supply good quality gift boxes and carry cases that sow off their products. You can expect to receive a perfectly fitted and branded gift box and carry case with an original e cigarette were all the components have a fitted space to sit within the box. Watch out for carrier bags, ill fitting packaging and an absence of quality in the overall packaging as this could signify that you are about to purchase a fake ecig. 

3. No Official User Manuals
A standard accompaniment with any genuine ecigarette starter kit purchase is a tailor made instruction, safety and maintenance manual that outlines how to take care of and how to use your ecigarette. Usually these manuals will reflect in colour and design the overall presentation of your nicotine delivery device such as presentation box. If you do not receive a quality instruction and care manual then it is possible you have bought a fake product. 

4. Poor Quality and Ill Fitting Parts
A true test of whether or not you have bought an imitation electronic cigarette or a genuine one is in the way the ecig fits together, the quality of its parts and the overall material feel. A quality e cigarette will have parts (atomizers, cartridges, batteries) that will fit together snugly and smoothly. There will be no leakage of e liquid or heavy handedness needed in screwing on the atomizer base to the battery or indeed forcing the cartridge into the atomizer head. Usually a good sign of a fake ecig is in the poor quality of its parts, rough edges, unfitted screw threads, leaking atomizers and so on. 

5. No Identifying Marks 
A sign of a genuine electronic cigarette is the marking on the gift box and within the user manual of its make. These identify the ecig as being part of the brand supplied by the quality manufacturer; these trade marks represent originality and quality. An imitation ecigarette will have little or no marks of identification - as what company in the right mind wants to be associated with faulty products? If you can’t see any identifying marks or brand marks there is a possibility it’s a fake ecig. 

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