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Types of E Juice (E Liquid)

Learn the pros and cons of each type of e-juice...
There are three main types of e liquid (e juice) and they are PG, VG and Mixed. These three versions of e juice are extremely important when it comes to buying your e-juice. They affect the flavour, power and health aspects of vaping. Below is a guide to the different types of e juice available.

Guide To The Different Types of E Juice

1. Propylene Glycerol E Liquid
PG is the more widely used e juice as it offers more of a ‘throat hit’ which vape smokers like, its also very thin so it doesn’t clog up your atomizers and burners. There are some concerns about the usage of Propylene Glycerol in e liquid as some people can develop allergy reaction to the PG (only a small few have been reported) but in spite of this PG is still the main commercial e juice for electronic cigarettes. All in all PG does produce the all round better vape. 

PG Pros: Throat Hit, Thin Liquid, Less Viscous (easier to burn)
PG Cons: Less Vapour, Some Health Concerns 

2. Vegetable Glycerine E Liquid
VG e juice (Vegetable Glycerine) is reported to be completely safe within the vape smokers forums and also adds a more sweeter taste to the e juice. There are also no reported cases of anyone having allergic reactions, or any health concerns voiced around using VG e juice. Using VG is reported to produce a less powerful throat hit and is more ‘gluppy’ than PG so it can reduce youratomizer working life span

VG Pros: Sweeter Taste, More Vapour, Less Potential Harm
VG Cons: Reduced Throat Hit, More Viscous (Harder To Burn) 

3. Mixed (PG + VG) E Liquid
There are a lot of e juice providers as well as users who mix PG with VG to reduce any potential harmful side effects, gain the through hit of PG and gain the sweetness of VG. The most common percentage of splits are: 60 / 40 (PG-VG) or 80 / 20 (PG-VG). 

Mixed Pros: Sweeter Taste, More Vapour, Less Potential Harm, Decent Throat Hit
Mixed Cons: Medium Viscous, More Manual Work 

UK provides a range of quality e liquid products for use with electronic cigarettes. Above are various ways to purchase ejuice / e liquid online. 


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