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4,000,000 Lives

4,000,000 Lives Saved Per Year And Eradication of All Tobacco Related Illnesses

Over 4,000,000 (4 million!) die each year from smoking related illnesses worldwide and million’s of families are torn apart and devastated by the harmful effects of tobacco smoking due to the toxins, poisons and carcinogens contained in every tobacco cigarette. All this is about to change as the ecigarette eradicates all tobacco smoking related illneses and save millions from death. 

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Imitation eCigarettes

UK eCigarettes 10 Ways To Spot Fake Electronic Cigarettes

Fake, imitation and poor copied electronic cigarettes are causing harm to vapers, harm to the electronic cigarette market and costing individuals and the industry money and credibility. In light of the current media concerns related to fake ecigarettes UK eCigarettes has developed 10 ways to easily spot fake e cigarettes. 

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UK Talk Radio Interview UK eCigarettes

UK Talk Radio Interviews UK eCigarettes & Discusses Concerns, Pros and Cons of Using eCigarettes

In a recent live on air radio discussion with talk Radio owner of openly slammed leading Governments who have banned electronic cigarette smoking devices. “Money and not wellbeing is at the root of the banning reason...” stated Paul Giles owner of one of the UK’s leading online ecigarette suppliers. 

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Antifreeze in e Liquid / eJuice Facts...

Antifreeze in e Liquid / eJuice - Learn The Scientific Facts

There has been another outbreak recently about e-liquid and e-juice containing ‘Antifreeze’. As such we have provided scientific research that proves the facts about whether electronic cigarette e-liquid or e juice contains antifreeze and its toxicity. Read about antifreeze and propylene glycerol and its effects on the human body in small and large doses.

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Atomizer Cleaning

How To Clean & Prime Your eCigarette Atomizers

A useful guide on how to clean ecigarette atomizers focusing on how to clean the EGO C atomizer and how to clean the EGO Tank atomizer. Learn how to maintain and exte3nd the life of your atomizers for more power and longer life span. Atomizers are consumable but can last twice as long if properly maintained…

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NRT's Vs eCigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes – A Smoking Cessation Option?

Can electronic cigarettes help in aiding a tobacco smoker quit the nicotine smoking habit altogether? This is the £1 million pound question and the answer seems to be as elusive as the Golden Fleece …

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Want To Buy Cheap Electric Cigarettes?

Want To Buy Cheap Electric Cigarettes?

Are you looking to buy cheap electronic cigarettes? Do you want to save money and grab yourself a bargain? If so you need to be very careful as products are cheap for a reason and when it comes to ecigarettes that reason could cost you your health! Read about why cheap ecigarettes could potentially give you a negative experience and damage your health. 

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2012 E Cigarette Review

2012 E Cigarette Review

The 2012 official e cigarette review is finally out and we have listed the top 10 best selling and best performing electric cigarettes, enabling you to make a clear informed decision when it comes to purchasing an new ecig. Read the review and let us know what you think, whether you agree or disagree…

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British Psychological Society

British Psychological Society eCigarette Study

The British Psychological Society has released a report stating that while electronic cigarettes may help people to quit smoking tobacco – they may also help improve peoples memory! The study showed that “the e-cigarette with nicotine helped men more than women in terms of reducing their craving and improving their mood…”

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Tesco Sells eCigarettes

Tesco Sells eCigarettes

When a leading household name such as Tesco starts to introduce electric cigarettes to their stock list you just know they cant be bad for you as these sort of leading names would not get involved selling anything that is illegal or harmful to use. 

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E-Commerce Upgrade

UK Store upgrades its electronic cigarette e-commence shop to include the full range of popular electronic cigarettes and supplies. This new shop upgrade offers purchasers the options to select from multiple choice per actual cigarette like colours, batteries and lots more.

Variable Power e-Cig

Variable Power Batteries

The Variable Power e-cig is the latest craze within the electronic cigarette industry offering users the chance to control the amount of power the e-cig battery gives. The best selling one is the eGo Tank variable Voltage. This has three settings and comes with LED display for a visual power aid.


Quite Simply The VT

VT Electric Cigarette

A recent addition to the electronic cigarette range is the new VT e-Cig which offers the vapour smoker the feature of being able to smoke whilst charging the battery. Another great feature of this trendy looking gadget is that is combines a powerful atomiser and stereo battery for longer puffs and usage.

E-Lips eCigarettes

eLips Electric Cigarette

Finally the new E-Lips eCigarette has hit the market, this very slim and super light design coupled with large tank capacity and long lasting 360mAH battery makes for a great e-cig and with the e-Lips ergonomic design and technical specification it is one of the smartest e-cigarettes to come onto the market so far.


UK e

UK launches its new website with new design and layout it is aimed at making shopping for electronic cigarettes easier and quicker. The new site includes informational items as well helping educate vapour smokers on the pro’s and con's of smoking tobacco and e-juice. We will also be featuring the latest e-cigs fresh off the manufacturing lines.

For fast supplies via recorded Royal Mail delivery and for quality products choose UK as your main supplier.

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