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Official Review Top 10 Best eCigarettes (Cont...Top 6 - 10)

Below you will find a continuation of the Top 10 Best eCigarettes Review, listing the last 5 top ecigarettes…

No 6 Best eCig – EGO T VP

The EGO T VP is fast taking on, this ecigarette combines a Tank system with a Variable Power battery offering the EGO T the chance to shine by utilising the various power settings on the battery. The sales of this particular model are growing really fast and when you think about an ecigarette that offers multiple power settings its no wonder why. The VP ecigarette deservers its place as the No 6 best electric cigarette. More on the EGO VP...


No 7 Best eCig – E-Lips

Here is one of the most stylish and elegant ecigarettes on the market, it looks and feels superb, the battery is good and the throat hit and vapour taste is adequate. The E-Lips ecigarette is, in my opinion, an accessory e-cig, one you would take on a night out to the theatre, dance or a meal. The draw back of these are related to its size because the battery isn’t that big the power it delivers is not as powerful as an 1100 mAH EGO T for example, but if you’re a light to medium smoker the E-Lips is ideal. So on that basis the E-Lips is our choice for the No 7 best ecigarette. More on the E-Lips...


No 8 Best eCig – Cartridge 650 mAH E-Cig

With the invention of the tank system the cartridge drip based ecigarette took a serious hit as people did not want to be bothered with changing the gauze inside the cartridges and adding e-juice drips regularly throughout the day. However the EGO Drip eCig mixed with a low resistance 510 atomizer can deliver a powerful vapour with a great ejuice taste. This little baby helped 1000’s stop smoking tobacco so I think it deserves its place as the No 8 best ecigarette. More on the Cartridge 650 mAH...


No 9 Best eCig – EGO Z

Coming in at the No 9 best cigarette is the EGO Z, this peculiar looking cigarette offers a mega tank, 650 and 1100 mAH batteries but also comes with LED display to show the charge left in the battery and the amount of puffs it has delivered. The puff counter comes in handy if you want to regulate how much you vape and also lets you know how many puff's you have left in the ecigarette before a recharge is required.


No 10 Best eCig – 10 Motives Rechargeable V2

The 10 Motives Rechargeable V2 is a fully integrated atomiser and cartridge that can be recharged, it looks and feels just like a normal tobacco cigarette. If you looking to minimise the feel of NOT smoking then this little e-cig would be for you, each cartomiser contains enough nicotine to match 15-20 tobacco cigarettes so you can use one charged ecigarette to last a full day. Its a functional ecig that deserves a spot in the top 10 best ecigarette review.

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Top 10 Best Ecigs Review Summary
After having written this review I asked 20 vape experts to have a read through and see what their opinions might be and most agree (not all) with the results, a few would have inserted one or two different versions but that was to be expected. 

I don’t claim that this ecigarette review is the ultimate say on the best ecigs on the market, or that it reflects the main opinions of vape smokers, instead I claim that this review is an honest review from someone who has been vaping for a few years now and has tried most of the ecigarettes on the market. 

Feed Back On This Review
I would like to hear from anyone who feels that I have grossly missed out an ecigarette or from anyone that might have had a different experience with any of the versions of electric cigarettes I have mentioned within the review. I am always willing to try new ecigs (as most vape smokers are) and am always interested in anyones view points and experiences. 


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