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A New World Free From Smoking Related Illnesses


A Vision For All Smokers & Their Families
Picture a future bright and fresh free from tobacco related illnesses, a future were oxygen masks and amputated limbs have become a thing of the past. This future has already begun and started to materialise - in the mid nineties with the actual creation of the electronic cigarette (originally invented in 1965 by Herbert A. Gilbert).

Tobacco Illness Statistics

Over 4,000,000 (4 million!) die each year from smoking related illnesses worldwide and million’s of families are torn apart and devastated by the harmful effects of tobacco smoking due to the toxins, poisons and carcinogens contained in every tobacco cigarette. 

UK Smoking Related Illness Stats
Below are smoking related illness statistics from the NHS which are based on the single year of 2010 and show an incredible reality of the real cost of smoking for individuals, the NHS and the Government (tax payers money). 

Hospital admissions in England in 2010 among adults aged 35 and over: 

- There were approximately 1.5 million hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of a disease that can be caused by smoking. The annual number of admissions has been rising steadily since 1996/97, when the number of such admissions was 1.1 million. 

- Around 461,700 hospital admissions were estimated to be attributable to smoking. This accounts for 5% of all hospital admissions in this age group. 

- 26% (116,200) of all admissions with a primary diagnosis of respiratory diseases and 16% (141,300) of admissions with a primary diagnosis of circulatory diseases were attributable to smoking. In addition, 12% (166,100) of admissions with a primary diagnosis of cancer and 1% (18,600), with a primary diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system were attributable to smoking. 

Just Imagine No more Smoking Related Illnesses

What if lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, loss of limbs and respiratory failure caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes becomes a thing of the past? What if children no longer have to watch their parents suffer the debilitating and fatal consequences of smoking? What if the health related problems caused by smoking completely disappeared - globally? This my friend IS the reality and the enormous implication of the electronic cigarette and its nicotine e liquid. As more and more tobacco smokers become aware of this safer alternative the amount of ‘vapers’ (electronic cigarette users) will grow and grow until smoking an actual tobacco cigarette with all its poisons and toxins becomes a thing of the past. 

The Safer Alternative
Whilst the debate still goes on about ‘lack of regulation’, ‘concerns over safety’ and general confusion over how to handle the emergence of the electronic cigarette 1000’s of people are dying every day from the effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes which are available from every small and large store, pub, news-stand and cafe outlet. Despite all the confusion practically all the world wide clinical trials and studies show that the ecigarette (electronic cigarette) is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. One would think that if concerns were voiced - they would be about the actual deaths happening every day from smoking tobacco and not be focused on a revolutionary new safer alternative. In fact the question should be raised as to why the powers that be are not pushing with all their might the benefits of the e-cigarette to all types of tobacco smokers. 

The Imbetweeners
Complete freedom from nicotine addiction in all its forms is the ultimate goal, I believe, BUT, I know from personal experience the terrible compulsion and insanity of tobacco addiction and I am concerned with the smokers who cannot quit, through no fault of their own. No one really wants to loose their limbs or live life on a respiratory machine or see the tears in the eyes of their children as they die from tobacco smoking caused cancer. This would be insanity, but it is the reality of tobacco and nicotine addiction, reason and sanity just do not come into it. 

If these people can be given a safer alterative whilst they are still struggling to quit or even if they don’t want to quit smoking tobacco, they can, at the very least, save themselves from the 6000 toxic chemicals and carcinogens tailor and roll up tobacco cigarettes contain. 

A Healthier, Cleaner and Safer World
At the moment the ecigarette is still in its infancy and as with all new technologies - still quite expensive. I remember when video machines came out and they each cost hundreds of pounds, today of course you can pick up a cheap DVD player for around fifteen quid. Once the ecigarette has come down in price its availability to people on low incomes and smokers in poor parts of the world will increase, and as such the global impact of this healthier alternative to tobacco smoking will start to really improve the lifespan and health of the global smoking community. We are all at the beginning of a global upheaval within the smoking world; an enormous tidal wave of healthy change is sweeping through this once condemned part of humanity and the ecigarette will relieve people of the terrible health consequences tobacco smoking has cuased and is causing.


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