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Official Review Top 10 Best eCigarettes

Please read about how this review has been put together and research involved further down the page, but if you’re like me you will want to see the results of the ‘Top 10 Best eCigarettes’ first, so without further ado lets look at the results of the review:

No 1 Best eCig – Clearomizer (CE4, EGO K, EGO Q)

The Clearomizer style of electronic cigarette has fast become the leading most popular seller amongst new and seasoned vapers. The clearomizer offers an exceptional vape experience with maintaining a high consistency of e liquid flavour, vapour and throat hit. The only down side of this type of ecigarette is the longevity of the actual top clearomizer itself which can last anywhere between 4-10 weeks before a new clearomizer top part is required. Despite this one downside the clearomizer is the most popular and best choice for a great vape. Easy to use and maintain Clearomizers take the No 1 best selling ecigarette spot. EGO K Clearomizer | EGO Q Clearomizer | CE4 Clearomizer


No 2 Best eCig – EGO W

One of my favourite ecigs is the EGO W, but thats not why it is here. The EGO W boasts elegance, power and reliability, it offers a unique addition to its already great performance by offering a pen style top so you could shove it in your shirt pocket and no one would know! The EGO W also houses two air-holes for the ability to reduce or maximise your individual intakes, these are covered by the outer sleeve. This ecigarette definitely belongs in the No2 spot due to its powerful vape and style. More on the EGO W...


No 3 Best eCig – EGO C

The EGO C tank is by far one of the most robust and long lasting electronic cigarettes and most vapers will probably have one of these lying around. This little beauty offers performance when it comes to a powerful hit and lots of vapour. The EGO C electronic cigarette came onto the market in November 2011 and took the top spot from the standard EGO Tank system. The downside of the EGO C is now and again you may experience a ‘dry-vape’ because not enough e liquid has gotten to the atomizer, although annoying itys easily overcome by blowing through the cartridge before you inhale. The aspect that makes the EGO C unique is the little atomiser heads that are placed into the atomiser cone. Don’t be put of by their size as they pack an incredible punch. The EGO C is by far my choice as the No 3 best ecigarette on the market today. More on the EGO C... 

No 4 Best eCig – EGO Tank

The EGO Tank takes the number two spot for three main reasons and they are its popularity, its ease of use and its vaping performance abilities. Although there are a lot of other styles and shapes of electric cigarettes the EGO Tank is like the Volkswagen Golf of the eCig market, its reliable, sturdy and goes on forever! More on the EGO Tank...


No 5 Best eCig – 510 Tank

This one was a difficult decision to place at number 5 because I personally don’t like this little ecigarette, the power is minimal the battery performance is limited and its small! However is saying all this the 510 Tank is not only a popular seller its also one of the best discreet little ecigarettes on the market and as such caters to a lot of non-heavy smokers who want a discreet and medium power based ecigarette. The 510 comes in Tank and cartridge forms. More on the 510 Tank...


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About This Top 10 Best Electric Cigarette Review

Writing this review on the best top ten electric cigarettes has not been easy as each individual ecigarette has something to offer whether its style, ease of use or power. To write a review the author must have a mind set of the user of the actual products so there was no point asking anybody else to write this. Currently there are over 50 variations of electronic cigarettes on the market with new ones being released all the time. No sooner has one eCig established itself as a market leader when another comes out to knock it off its perch. So firstly lets look at the review itself. 

Reviewing Points of The Best eCigs
To write an honest no-holes-barred review one has to view the best ecigarettes in the eyes of the reviewer and how a reviewer would rate the performance and usage of an e-cig. With this in mind, as well as being an official ecigarette user this review takes into account the main points a vape smoker looks for and these are: 

a. Powerfull Hit
b. Ease of Use
c. eCigarette Battery Power
d. eCigarette Longevity
e. eCigarette Style
(Not necessarily in that order) 

An Honest Look At The Best eCig Products
I also had to take into account with this review the fact of being completely honest and unbiased even when it comes to my ownvapour ecigarette stock. It could hardly be called an ‘honest review’ if I were simply promoting my own brand of e-cigarettes! So I had to divorce myself from business ambitions when it came to reviewing the best e-cigs on the market allowing you, the reviewer, an honest look at what’s available. 

If you disagree on some the reviews I have made then that’s okay! A review cannot meet everyone’s standards, or will indeed satisfy everyone’s judgements. However this best electronic cigarette review does focus on the main top best sellers currently on the market and in this way does actually focus on the top 10 best ecigarettes available. 

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