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Electronic Cigarettes – A Smoking Cessation Tool?


Can electronic cigarettes help in aiding a tobacco smoker quit the nicotine smoking habit altogether? This is the £1 million pound question and the answer seems to be as elusive as the Golden Fleece.

Surely the question around the success of using an electric cigarette as a tobacco smoking cessation tool should be a simple one. Unfortunately the war of words is raging between e-cigarette users and the NRT organisations with both positives and negatives.

E Cigarettes As A Nicotine Intake Replacement Tool

The e cigarette is definitely a solid nicotine intake ‘replacement tool’ as lots of tobacco smokers have switched over to using the e-cigarette instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The invention of the e cigarette was originally developed as an alternative method to smoking harmful tobacco and as a clean-nicotine intake tool. Used in this way the electric cigarette is beautiful, it works brilliantly by delivering nicotine through the traditional method of inhalation and creating vapour to blow out mimicking the smoke from tobacco cigs. In acting this way smokers can easily switch over to e-cigs without too much discomfort or loss of habit.

More User Control
As more and more e-liquid flavours with varying nicotine strengths and electronic cigarette devices are released onto the market e cigarette smokers can experience a sense of control over their nicotine smoking they cannot get with traditional tobacco cigs. E-Cig smokers can determine the strength of nicotine they intake by selecting from the wide choice of strengths available. They can also choose from a massive range of e-liquid flavours such as ‘fruits of the forest’, ‘chocolate’ to the standard ‘tobacco’ flavoured e-juice.

Whats Crazy Is People Are Still Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes
With the sense of control, style and choice available to an electronic cigarette user it’s no wonder tobacco smokers are moving across to the electronic cigarette to get their nicotine fixes. Add on top of that the seriously reduced health risk electronic cigarettes offer compared to tobacco smokers - its actually crazy that anybody is still smoking tobacco!

E Cigarettes As A Nicotine-Smoking Cessation Aid

All the above said it does not mean that the electronic cigarette is a successful tool that can help to kick the ‘nicotine smoking’ habit altogether.

Some ecig users have reported an increase in nicotine consumption because they can use their e cigarette so freely, and now find themselves puffing away in libraries, restaurants and pubs whereas before they they were not allowed to smoke in these areas, others report using them in the office all day long so their nicotine consumption has gone through the roof. In my opinion this is the experience of most e cigarette users (especially in the beginning), the average user’s nicotine consumption will and does increase purely for the reasons just stated.

Electronic Cigarettes Vs Conventional NRT’s
My opinion on this matter, for what it is worth, is that you have be very determined to quit nicotine altogether whether you are using the conventional NRT’s, going cold turkey or using an ecigarette. Nicotine is a highly addictive and a highly subtle drug and the physiological addiction, (more so than the physical), can be hard to break. So using an ecigarette as opposed to conventional Nicotine Replacement Therapies is a much-of-a-muchness. Which ever NRT tool you use to quit nicotine altogether will not completely relieve you of the psychological or physical withdrawals, it might make it easier, but at some point you will have to let go and move on and deal with it.

As an ecig user I would say that electronic cigarettes offer as much help as any other NRT, in fact possibly less as the argument actually swings in favour of the conventional NRT methods in so far as with them your breaking the habit of putting something in your mouth and blowing out smoke – which we know can be half the battle.

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes
The real benefits of electronic cigarettes boil down to offering a ‘less harmful way to smoke and intake nicotine’, we know that tobacco cigarettes kill you and seriously damage your health due to the high amount of toxins, chemicals and carcinogens they have within in them.

In my opinion I think the ecig can safely be called an NRT, and will work if the user is completely sure and determined they want to quit nicotine altogether. But I reckon a nicotine addict who smokes would have the same degree of success as with any other NRT.

The Real eCigarette Market
The ecig market really caters for smokers who want to carry on smoking nicotine but don’t want the heavy health risks associated with tobacco, on this basis the e cigarette does offer a brilliant healthier alternative.


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