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Do Electronic Cigarettes Really Work?

Do electronic cigarettes actually work? The answer is a resounding YES! Over 85% of tobacco smokers who try an electronic cigarette make the permanent switch to this safer alternative to smoking tobacco, and it’s not hard to understand why.

The electronic cigarette mimics tobacco smoking so successfully the smoker can easily switch over without any real pangs of letting go of tobacco (as they are in essence still smoking). The main reasons for this and the main reasons the ecigarette is so successful is because of the below aspects. 

Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Work So Well

1. The Throat Hit
Using an electronic cigarette produces the much-liked sharp sensation at the back of the throat exactly like smoking a tobacco cigarette. Tobacco smokers enjoy the inhale of a cigarette, the harsh and sharp sensation at the top of the throat when they inhale from a puff on a cigarette. Up until now nothing has come on to the market (including NRT inhalers) that mimics this sensation so much as an electronic cigarette. For a smoker there is literally no difference between a tobacco cigarette and an electronic cigarette when it comes to throat hit sensation. 

2. The Nicotine Hit
The electronic cigarette delivers nicotine in exactly the same the traditional tobacco cigarette does. Once an ecigarette (electronic cigarette) user (vaper) has inhaled from an ecigarette they will experience a hit of nicotine which mimics smoking tobacco cigarettes exactly. For a smoker there is literally no difference between a tobacco cigarette and an electronic one when it comes to nicotine delivery and experience. 

3. The Smoke (Vapour) 
One of the main aspects of the tobacco smoking addiction is the inhalation and discharge of smoke. Tobacco smokers like to draw in the smoke into their lungs, feel it going in and enjoy the exhalation of the smoke. Inhaling and exhaling smoke induces a relaxing feeling for most smokers and the electronic cigarette is the first nicotine delivery device that mimics this experience exactly. Although the electronic cigarette produces vapour instead of smoke the smoker does not experience any difference, it looks like smoke, feels like smoke and thus induces the same sensations and feelings as the brain perceives it as smoke. 

4. Proven Safer Alternative 
Electronic cigarettes are a proven safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and there is EVIDENCE to back this up based on all the clinical trials conducted so far. Because each tobacco cigarette (including roll-ups) contains over 5000 chemicals, most of which are irritants to the respiratory system, they also introduce toxins and poisons into their smoker each time they puff on the tobacco cigarette. On top of this the smoker is taking in tar and carcinogens that cause cancer, lung and heart disease as well as the myriad of other tobacco related illnesses. 

Electronic cigarettes however use e-liquid which contains 4-5 chemicals only, and these are all classed as generally safe for human consumption in moderate forms. This is why most ex-tobacco smokers start to feel better health-wise after a short period of using an electronic cigarette, they feel more energy and vitality and lots of other health benefits. The reason for this is because the body is free from the poisons, tar and toxins that a tobacco cigarette gives. The body starts to heal and come back to life which is testament alone to the healthy option of using an electronic cigarette. 

5. No Social Stigma
The negative social stigma around tobacco smoking is huge and weighs on every smoker. The shame of standing in a shop queue and buying a packet of tobacco, the smelly clothes and stale breath, yellow fingers and teeth and that awful yellow pasty look that long term smokers start to get as the body becomes overloaded with tobacco poisons. With the electronic cigarette however there is no negative social stigma as it is a clean way of nicotine delivery, no smells, no poisons hence no social stigma! 

6. Flavours
One of the cool aspects of the electronic cigarette is the wide range of tobacco, cigar, pipe, fruit and exotic flavours available. For people who like the taste and roll-ups there are flavours such as Golden Virginia, Old Holborn and Amber leaf. For cigar smokers there are the traditional Cuban Cigar flavours, cigarette smokers can enjoy B&H, Hilton, Marlboro Light and many other flavours and for fruit lovers there are a wide range of fruity flavours from Grape, Banana to Raspberry. To view the different flavours of e liquid available click here…


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