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Why We DONT Sell Cheap Electric Cigarettes


UK News 2012...

We offer the best quality electric cigarettes - which is why we guarantee them for over 3 months! Our prices are among the most competitive on the market for the quality of product we offer.

Why We Don’t Sell Cheap Electric Cigarettes
Unfortunately because the electric cigarette market is not yet regulated it means that any sole trader or company can build an ecigarette and sell it openly on the market. This opens the door to poor quality and cheaply manufactured electric cigarette devices which break easily, do not provide a quality vapour smoke and can be hazardous such as cheap e cigarettes blowing up as seen here.

To avoid this type of danger we strongly advise that when purchasing your ecigarettes you buy from a quality supplier like UK Our brand of electric cigarette has gone through serious quality and usage testing and only contains the very best quality build parts. Because we know the quality behind our products we are able to offer a 100% guarantee that they will work without fault, if not we will give a 100% refund or exchange for a new one, its that simple.

The Cheaper They Are - The Cheaper They Are!
If, like me, you want to use your electric cigarette to help you quit smoking tobacco and save yourself from the life threatening aspects related to smoking tobacco then why not invest a few pounds more and be secure in your mind that you are using a ‘tried and tested’ electronic nicotine delivery device.

The reason there are some seriously cheap ecigarettes out on the market is that they are very low quality products that have been put together using cheap bits and pieces by some small overseas trader and sold on the EU market for next to nothing. Buying a very cheap product may mean to receive an instant feeling of satisfaction that you have saved yourself a few pounds but it also means when you buy one of these cheaper models you are much more likely to have a negative experience and this will set you up to fail 9 times out of 10 when it comes to quitting smoking tobacco.

Quality Does Not Have To Be Expensive
We are one of the UK’s leading distributors of electric cigarettes and our prices are lower than our main rivals and this is to do with the quantity we ship in. We are glad to be able to pass this discount on to our customers and back our products with a cast iron guarantee.


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