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Does E-Juice / E Liquid Contain Antifreeze?

Scientifically researched and factual evidence on Antifreeze theory…
I have heard a lot of people, especially ones that have attended the NHS Stop Smoking groups for some reason, state that e-liquid or ejuice contains ‘Antifreeze’. If this claim was true there would be a lot of sick vapers indeed. Fortunately it is so far from the truth its ridiculous. I felt so strongly about this that I have decided to give it two pages, one which you are now reading and another on my ecigarette blog were you can add your comments.

The Actual Antifreeze eLiquid Theory
The hype that is coming from so called places of authority is that ‘Propylene Glycerol’ (which is an ingredient in some e-liquids and juices) is actually antifreeze and therefore highly toxic and dangerous for human beings. 

Official Chemical Explanation For Antifreeze
Antifreeze is a chemical formulae that helps prevent water and liquid from freezing. It comes in two forms: 

Ethylene Glycol - Poisoning
Propylene Glycerol – Non Poisoning

“Propylene glycol, is considerably less toxic than ethylene glycol and may be labelled as "non-toxic antifreeze". It is used as antifreeze where ethylene glycol would be inappropriate, such as in food-processing systems or in water pipes in homes where incidental ingestion may be possible. As confirmation of its relative non-toxicity, the FDA allows propylene glycol to be added to a large number of processed foods, including ice cream, frozen custard, and baked goods…” Sourced form Wikipedia

Facts About Propylene Glycerol

In fact only one of the ingredients in anti freeze is called Propylene glycol and this ingredient is also been approved for and is used in: 

1. Human Foods – we ingest Propylene glycol when eat certain processed products, custards, ice creams etc

2. Food and Drug Administration has officially classed Propylene glycol as "generally recognized as safe"

3. The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low

4. Propylene glycol is metabolized in the human body into pyruvic acid (a normal part of the glucose-metabolism process, readily converted to energy) 

5. Propylene glycol does not cause sensitization and it shows no evidence of being a carcinogen or of being genotoxic. 

E-Liqued / E-Juice Is Safe
So why all the hype? Where does this misinformation come from? And what purpose does it serve? Bloody good question my friend! 

What I know from all the research, (I use the word research and not ‘word of mouth’), I have done I thoroughly agree with all the factual and scientific evidence that Propylene glycol is indeed safe to ingest in non-plasma quantities much the same as water. Too much water can kill too

For full references used to back up this factual evidence please click here... 


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